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Common Questions for future Aeronauts

What Do I Wear

Clothing, Footwear, Gloves , etc...


The attire for ballooning is casual. To maximize your enjoyment, dress appropriately for the weather on your scheduled flight date. On cooler days It is recommended that you dress in layers to increase your comfort. For your safety, we require you wear athletic shoes and long pants. You may be climbing in and out of a basket. Open toed shoes, high heeled shoes are not permitted. Also you may be required to walk in wet/cut grass, therefore your best footwear would not be the favorite choice. Shorts are not recommended. Due to heat generated by the balloon, a hat is suggested for very tall passengers. Occasionally on higher humid days, the burners drip condensation (Water) sometimes that water has some soot in it, so we'd recommend darker shirts or shirts that you wouldn't care if it gets a spot on it. We've never had any issues getting it to wash out, but have not tested with all clothing materials.
A lot of people ask, "Is it cold up there?" Typically, the temperature difference is 3.5 - 5 degrees less per 1000' and we occasionally fly as high as 3000' but an average flight, we fly to about 1000 -1500' therefore if the outside temp is 70 degrees on the ground, it will be around 65 degrees while flying up high.

With round-the-clock support, even on weekends and holidays, you can be sure we'll be here to answer all your questions.

What Do I Wear

Is there a weight limit?

How much weight is too much for the balloon?


At Blairs Ballooning we like to be able to accommodate everyone, We can most certainly do that as long as the person can successfully be able to get themselves in and out of the basket with little to no assistance. Obviously, the heavier a person is the harder it may be for them to carry their own weight. It pretty much goes the same for the balloon. The more the balloon is weighed down, the less it can go up due to it having to heat it up more with the burners. The balloon has a maximum temperature it can reach before it simply cannot take up any more weight. Also that is extra wear and tear on the balloon and takes extra fuel to keep it in the air. The hotter the day, the less weight the balloon can carry due to the temperature differential being close together. If it is really cold out we can take more weight. On a typically day, let's say 75 degrees, We can carry 750lbs of passenger weight. If it's really humid, we can carry less. in 2020 Blairs Ballooning will be implementing a new weight policy, where if someone weighing over 200lbs will have to pay $20 per every 10lbs over 200. For example if you weigh 300lbs, you will be required to pay an additional $200 or you and your guest can purchase a private flight which may be less expensive for you in that case.

Safety Program

Before the flight, your pilot will give you a pre-flight briefing on what to expect.


Pay close attention during this briefing.  Adhere to the pilot's instructions at all times. If you see something that concerns you, please advise the pilot.

Do NOT stand within 5' of the Fan

Do NOT walk on Balloon Material or allow any childern to do so either.

Do NOT pull on any ropes or hoses in the basket.

Do NOT touch any of the burner controls.

DO NOT EXIT until the pilot instructs you to do so. 

Keep your hands inside the basket and do not lean out. 

Face forward in front of the pilot and bend your knees when we land.  

Please stow your cell phone and camera for landing.

Safety Program


Mother Nature does not always provide safe weather conditions for a hot air balloon flight.
Our pilots are trained and qualified to evaluate the weather conditions and decide if it is safe to fly the balloon.  If they are unfavorable and we are unable to fly on the day of your scheduled ride, we will do our best to advise you several days and of course, the night prior or early morning of your adventure.
Please understand that there are a few more factors that play into safe weather for a hot air balloon ride other than what you see on Some examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Winds aloft - if over 20mph at 3000' we will not fly commercially because the risk is too high for landings.
  2. We look at Radar to make sure there are no storm cells within 75 miles.
  3. Rain - We will NOT fly in rain because it can impare our vision not to mention ruin our equipment.
  4. Fog can be a really big factor since we obvously need to be able to see where we are going and under FAA regulations we can only fly under VFR (Visual Flight Rules)  14 CFR 91.155
  5. Low Celings (Low Clouds) as mentioned above for VFR, Balloonist are not alowed to fly in clouds.
  6. Wind Direction - Wind sometimes tends to be blowing in a steady but unfavorable direction, If that direction would be taking us in areas that would make our flight too short due to it taking us out over the bay or right toward restricted airspace, we may have to postpone your flight or we may ask you if you wouldn't mind relocating to a better takeoff spot in order to get the most out of our ride.
  7. And the obvious reason -  High Winds The balloon stands over 75' tall and is just acting like a sail in the wind. Balloon Pilots generally will choose to not fly if the surface winds are over 7mph, We are really looking to give you an awesome adventure but WILL NOT put yours or our lives at risk.
  8. No Wind - sounds weird but, this one could create problems by leaving us stranded over top wooded areas or bodies of water that give us nowhere to land.
  9. TFR - NOT WEATHER RELATED AT ALL - A TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) could cause us to be grounded, For Example, if the president of the United States decided to take a visit near us, we would not be allowed to fly because the airspace is temporarlity shut down during his/her visit. We would have to drive at lease 30 miles away from where POTUS is because that's typically the boundry of a presidential TFR. There could be other TFRs that take place as well, but POTUS is the most common.

These are a few reasons the pilot may have to explain to you why we may need to reschedule your flight. Ultimately it is the pilots desision for wether he or she is comfortable with the flight conditions and by law it is their desision if it is a Go or No GO for flight based generally upon the items mentioned above.

Please ensure that our office has a contact phone number or email address to reach you.  If your ride is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will be happy to reschedule your balloon adventure for the next available date & time.

Current Launch Locations / Meeting Areas / Landing Spots

Blairs Ballooning Prides themselves on outstanding Land Owner Relations!

Getting people or companies to agree to allow you to use their property is no easy task, it requires trust and respect that assures them that you are not going to misuse their land.

Please understand that we are on borrowed land at the time of launch and especially at the time of landing

Do NOT litter this includes cigerette butts and any containers that you may have used to drink from

Do NOT use foul language

Do NOT walk far away from the Basket after the pilot has you exit unless the landowner gives you permission

The Pilot or Crew will handle any landowner relations at the time of landing. Please allow us to do the talking until we know how the landowner feels about us being on their property.

Delaware Launch Location MAP

 Our Delaware launch location (Map Below) Note: This is not our business address

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New Jersey Launch Location

Our New Jersey launch location (Map Below) Note: This is not our business location 

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Maryland Launch Location

 Our Maryland launch location (Map Below) Note: This is not our business location

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 Pennsylvania Launch Location (Meeting Area)

Our Pennsylvania launch location (Map Below) Note: This is not our business location.

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We understand that even though you have planned in advance, things can change, and you may need to cancel your reservation with us.  

Due to flight planning and balloon scheduling variables, we require cancellations to be made at least 5 days prior to the flight date.  Therefore, we must be notified if you plan to reschedule, cancel or change the number of people in you party.  

We keep your deposit for no shows and cancellations made less than 5 days prior to your scheduled flight.  Please contact our office to make changes to your reservation at 302.202.3338

CANCELLATIONS BY US - THERE IS NEVER A FEE IF WE CANCEL THE FLIGHT DUE TO UNSAFE WEATHER CONDITIONS OR ANY UNFORESEEN EMERGENCIES (ON OUR PART) THAT CAUSE US TO CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT, However, expect that we will hold your deposit and apply it toward your flight when we are able to safely get you airborne. We do not refund your deposit.

We are not responsible for your transportation, costs or time to and from the launch location prior and after your ballooning experience. If a balloon flight has been canceled due to the pilot's final word, Please understand that there is a reason for it and we would need to simply reschedule your flight.



See some of our Google Reviews

I had the opportunity to propose to my fiance' and Charles made the experience so special!  We have an awesome video showing the joyful moments and our emotions during the flight!  Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Tom P.

Charles was very caring and professional.  I am terrified of heights - but took the plunge and I can't wait for the next opportunity to fly!  I am hooked!  Thanks again for a wonderful experience! 

Joan Rogers

My Husband and I were absoutly thrilled when we decided to do this, When we met up with Blair's Ballooning for our flight we were welcomed as if we were family! Our Pilot made sure we were informed and gave us some unexpected but delightful treats! Thank You Blairs Ballooning for your dedication to your customers and the exciting trip that you've provided us!

Christie and Paul

 Great service.  Love seeing their balloons fly over the area.  Crew is always friendly and helpful when we fly with them.  Highly recommended for your first flight....or 100th. I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen so far. They'll definitely have my business in the future.

Matt Filler

 Incredible adventure! The staff is very friendly and professional.  Knowledgeable and seasoned pilot make you feel safe, so you enjoy the ride.   Worth every bit I paid for my ride through Fair Hill MD and surrounding areas. Highly recommend this company they are AWSOME!  Bucket List-checked off I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen so far. They'll definitely have my business in the future.

Ette Mus

Fun Flying with your outfit Charles, the views are extraordinary and it's very calm. Nothing like flying in a plane!  Easy landings and boarding. 

XPRESS Communication


The Blair Ballooning Team!

The Blair Ballooning Team!



Pictured from Left to Right
John Blair: John has been a balloon pilot for over 40 years and as an instructor has taught each of the Blairs Ballooning Pilots how to fly.

Armond Blair: Armond has been a dedicated Crew chief to each of the Blair Pilots for as long as ballooning has been in the family.
Armond is also a pilot (student pilot) and holds the record for most solo's as a student pilot...

Charles Blair: Charles has been a student pilot since he was a teenager but got more serious about obtaining a license in 2006. Charles finds enjoyment in each and every flight wether it is flying for fun or hire!

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