Launch Locations / Meetup Areas

Below are some of the areas that we Launch from or Meet up at and take you to an Alternate Location

These are "NOT" our business/office locations, they are only Launch locations. Please do not approach the buildings to inquire about us as they have been gracious enough to give us permission to only Launch from their property. We are not paying them to be our Receptionist.
Please understand, You as a passenger "DO NOT" choose to fly from any of our alternate Locations, that is a Pilot Decision Only!!!
The location on your Itinerary is the meeting location unless agreed upon otherwise.

Christ the Teacher School Grounds

2459 Frazer Rd, Newark, DE, 19702, US

Primary Location for DE
When entering the grounds from Frazer Rd, Please keep to your left and park in the parking lot that is after the large grass field that is to your left. (Basically, park around where the Red Pin is dropped on the Map)

Bucks Airport

29 Parvins Mill Rd, Bridgeton, NJ 08302, US

Primary Location for NJ
The way to know that you are in the correct place it when you pull into the long driveway you will see a sign that says "South Jersey RC Society" on your Left. Please park right about where you see the Dropped Red Pin on the Map (Zoom in for greater detail).