Booking with Blair's Ballooning for a Ride at the 2023 Chesapeake Balloon Festival           
Please Read before booking!!!

It is imperative to understand when selecting your date, there is no way for us to predict the following in advance.

1. Neither we nor meteorologists would know WIND SPEEDS for that date

2. We will not know if it's going to be raining, fog or thunderstorms in the area

3. Winds can be too fast or in a bad direction at higher elevations; which could cause your flight to be shorter than 40 minutes to an hour

4. Poor wind direction that will cause us to fly over populated area

If you are canceled on and want to reschedule we can Help, We are Local!

Please remember, the items listed above are not in our control by any means.

Also understand that our Pilots are trained on the weather and how it relates to ballooning. Please do not challenge our pilots on their decision to not fly as they are making the choice to cancel, based on "your" safety

Thank You!

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